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A healthy relationship between father and son depends on a number of things that we will share with you in this article.

Father Son Relationship

You remember the first bicycle ride, the way you first held the baseball bat, the time you went fishing for the first time, etc. All these activities have one thing, rather one person in common - your father. Yes, the protective figure who always stood by you at your time of distress or whenever you needed him the most. Sons always strive to become like their father. They look up to their father for approval, their father is their ultimate role model, their idol. This is the first step for a son to develop man-to-man bonding. It is a proven fact that the girl child is closer to the father and the boy child to the mother. But still a son always gropes for the father when in distress. However, at times there are tussles between the father and the son for power and hierarchy in the family. One should keep in mind that these kinds of situations develop because of the following reasons, which should be avoided.

Relationship Between Father and Son

Need for power is an inbuilt beastly trait that has sublimed with development and time, but haven't eroded completely yet. This is the prime reason for any kind of clash in a family. Men are aggressive and dominating, especially during adolescence owing to hormonal changes and other external factors. Another man, who is in possession of power, aggravates his temper. At this time, he should be treated like a man rather than a kid as treating him like a kid will only infuriate him.

At times, a father starts living his dreams in his son and in the meanwhile completely forgets that his son is a unique individual with unique talents and deficiencies. It becomes impossible for the son to bear the burden of responsibilities. Every individual has the right to fulfill his own needs and dreams and these unfulfilled dreams create a void in the son and he blames the father for this. This becomes the bone of conflict between the father and the son.

For a father, his biggest dream is to see his son succeed in life. And for that, he ensures that he chooses a career for his son that would include less challenges and at the same time bear him rich dividends. However, on the other hand, the son might be keen on taking up challenges and may not really appreciate his father chalking out his career for him. This could lead to a scuffle between the father and the son, because the son might want to explore his horizons and take up challenges. The father instead of being a supporting figure becomes an intruder of the personal space and hence, the conflict.

Generation Gap
Generation gap between a father and his son can trigger differences in feelings and unrest within the family. The problem here is that nobody wants to give up or is tolerant towards each other's views, and hence the conflict. In this case, the father should try to learn the ways of the new generation, as changing with time is the only way to keep at par with your son.