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Father's Day e-cards are quite in vogue this year. These are available in all kind of themes and color schemes.

Father's Day E-cards

It's Father's Day once again and you must be busy running around the stores scouring for the perfect gift to resonate with your dad. Let's face it: In the hurly-burly of life, most of us spare little or no time to stop and appreciate our dads for what they are, to thank them for their relentless support and undying love and pay them their due respect. But don't worry. Occasions like Father's Day is that perfect one-day to make your dad feel special and thank him for everything. But what if your father is not with you and is away for some reasons. In that case too, you have an option to send your dad gifts online and even convey him your regards through e-mail. This is the boon of technology. E-cards have become the latest fashion, but this works only if your dad is an internet savvy. If you already have chosen e-cards, it's alright as we are providing you a lot of options to choose from. You can choose from a number of messages, which you can find following this.

Father's Day E-Greetings
  • Let's agree this card fully covers
    Any and all responsibility to
    Express male intimacy on
    Father's Day
  • DAD
    -Mr. Fix It
    -Lawn Mower
    -#1 Fan
    -Grill Master
    Happy Father's Day
  • Father's Day gives you the perfect excuse to
    Put your feel up, down a few cold ones, watch the tube.
    Tomorrow you'll have to go back to your old excuses.
  • Dear dad,
    Did you put up with some Bull$#!%
    When I was a kid?
  • Some fathers work with cattle,
    While others build machines,
    Some do their work in fancy suits
    And others work in jeans.
    But, dad, it doesn't matter
    What kind of work you do,
    I think you are the GREATEST.
    Happy Father's Day
  • You have been there for me,
    No matter what bad choices
    I might have made…
    You lovingly repaired my broken spirit,
    Helped me plot a new course,
    And set me free with to fly
    On my own once again
    There is no greater love than that.
    You will always be special to me,
    And no matter where life takes me,
    I'll remember you with love.

    You were always there when I grew up
    You taught good from bad
    You were my rock to lean on
    I'm so proud that you are my dad.
  • He's not a fancy dresser,
    And he's not so trimmed n neat.
    With simple clothes n simple shoes,
    He wears upon his feet.
  • F= Forever With His Family
    A= Always There For You No Matter What
    T= The Only One Who's There
    H= He's My Hero Till The End
    E= Encouraging In Everything I Do
     R= Really The Only One…
    No One Can Beat Him He's The Best