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Your step father also deserves a Father's Day, so try making this day a really special one for him.

Father's Day for Step Father

Whenever you think of a family, you think of ties that are bound by blood, but what about the ties that are formed by choice? Getting to the point, we would like to argue against the stereotypical image of the stepparent, which is set in the society because of a few bad examples. Your biological father becomes your father when you are born to him, but your stepfather is the one who chooses to make you a part of his life. Only a few can realize that how difficult it is for an individual to accept someone else's child as their own. There is a lot of psychological trauma one has to face before taking this kind of decision and when you throw tantrums at him, it becomes all the more difficult for him to cope with the pressure. So try dissolving all these issues on this Father's Day. Reach out to him in your own special way and show your appreciation for being there for you. Take out time this Father's Day to do wonderful things for your step father. A small gesture of love can go a long way to cement your bond with your step-father.

Father's Day Celebration Ideas For Step Father
  • Before jumping on to any decision, try to find out if you really want to spend time with your stepfather and not just because of pressure from your family members. This is important because doing it because of some pressure will lead to an emotional outburst in the middle of your Father's Day plan, which will leave your stepfather heartbroken.
  • Find out your step dad's schedule for the day, because this will help you plan a surprise for him. Try getting all the information which is necessary, find out if he is a morning person or not as this will help you in planning that early morning in-bed-breakfast for him. If your dad is a night person, you can always plan a late night movie with him.
  • If your step dad happens to live in a different city or if it is difficult to visit him on this day then plan some other kind of surprise for him. You can tell him how much you care for him by creating a YouTube video and sending the link to him through e-mail. However, if your father is not web savvy, then you can also get this tape delivered to him through mail. You can also try creating a collage of your pictures and videos of the moments you have spent with him.
  • People have different ways of telling their loved ones that they love and care for them. You must know how your dad expresses his love — by buying you gifts, taking you to movie or in any other manner. After you figure it out, treat him in exactly the same way. This way he will be really surprised and will really appreciate your fervor.