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From sensational to sensible and sentimental, here is a list of Father's Day movies to get your movie-buff dad smiling this June. Read the article to know more about movies for Father's Day.

Father's Day Movies

Father's Day celebrations don't have to be restricted to just a gift and card alone. Your dad's worth much more. So it's only fair that you do something special for him that would just bring alive the fond memories and make him jump with joy. How about a movie date? This especially works if your dad is a die-hard movie buff. But the just taking him out for any movie just won't do. Check this: "Yesteryear movies were so much better than today's!" Chances are that you have often heard your dad mouth this at least once. And guess what! He wasn't entirely wrong. Yesteryear movies were indeed more original and new as compared to today's times. So this Father's Day, instead of taking your dad out to watch the latest Robert Pattinson movie, why not treat him to one of his old favorites. You can opt for any film that both your dad and you will enjoy watching together. Here is a list of films that will definitely hit home.

Movies For Father's Day

The Pursuit Of Happiness
The outstanding movie, inspired by real life story, got released in the year 2006. This beautiful film captured the bonafide man-to-man relationship between a father and a son. Chris Gardner played the role of a struggling sales man who aspires to become rich and give all worldly pleasures to his son, but failed to achieve it. However, he did not give up and finally became a giant in share market after a lot of hard work and struggles. The story casts light on determination of dad to provide better tomorrow to his son. Watch the biological drama to feel the unsaid beautiful bond that a father and his son share despite all adversities.

The Courtship of Eddie's Father
The romantic comedy released in 1963 revolved around the single father who has a young son to care for. The story speaks of the son as a matchmaker to his widowed father. They come across many women in this search journey. Watch the fun filled emotional movie with tissues in your hand on this Father's Day.

Father Of The Bride
'Father of the Bride' is another best movie to watch with your dad on Father's Day. The movie is filled with real emotions of father when his daughter decides to marry. The movie perfectly depicts the state of mind of a worried father and his over possessiveness when he is required to give away his daughter to her husband. The movie throws light on issues related to marriage, family, parenting and co-interaction among family members.

Field of Dreams
Still another movie for family to enjoy with popcorns on this Father's Day is 'Field of dreams'. It's a movie which significantly explores the relationship between Dad and son. It's a story of corn farmer who in his uplifting journey builds a baseball diamond on his field. The sports-drama-fantasy film will definitely make you feel nostalgic. Just go for it.

Three Godfathers
The inescapable movie is about an adoptive father who comes across a baby in desert and willfully becomes his caretaker. The movie is about risks and loss of freedom he took to rear up the child. It's a very different movie worth watching on this Father's Day.