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Father's Day is the day meant to pay homage to father, the head of the family. Read out the article to explore more about various Father's Day traditions.

Father's Day Tradition

He is the one who taught you the lesson of life. He held you when you were tired of struggling against the world. He helped you introspect and find your inner self. He protected your family and uplifted you to reach a new horizon. He is the head of the family, your father. In order to honor his commitment and dedication towards family and children, Father's Day is celebrated with full zeal amongst people of various countries. Many countries celebrate the day on third Sunday of June, though a few countries celebrate it on other days. On this day, father is considered as 'Guest of Honor' and treated like a king. On this day, sincere gratitude is paid to step fathers, grand fathers, elder brothers and to any fatherly figure in the family. The celebration gives message that their role in family is incomparable and that they are loved and respected for what they are. The world celebrates it with cards, gifts, flowers and lot of emotions in their heart for the supreme position of fatherhood.

Traditions For Father's Day
  • Traditionally Father's Day is celebrated by giving gifts to fathers. These gifts may include wristwatches, men's accessories, chocolates, greeting cards and weekend getaway, etc. Most popular among them is the tradition of gifting a tie.
  • Another tradition popular among children is to sing songs and rhymes for their loving dad. Small children make their father delight by singing songs in their childish voice. They also honor him by making cards and crafts for him saying 'Love You Dad'.
  • Most precious gift you can give someone is your time. Value him by giving him your valuable time in terms of family gathering and get together. You can also plan for a picnic, which may be refreshing for him as well as for other family members.
  • Dining with whole family will make the day even more special. Many countries have tradition of dining together on this occasion. Prepare his favorite food, dine with him on this Father's Day and feel blessed to have him in your life.
  • A very touching old tradition is of writing letters stating his importance and significance for the family. These days it is taken over by other mediums like emails and SMSs. You may use any mode, but follow this tradition on this Father's Day and make your daddy happiest person on earth.
  • If you are creative enough, you can try this creative tradition by converting your feelings into verses of your poem. Make sure that whatever you write, indicate your feelings and he can associate with the poem easily.
  • In many countries, clubs and schools organize cultural programmes for kids and their fathers to honor them and giving them freedom to relive their childhood days. They conduct many activities, games, sport events and competitions for fathers where their children cheer them up saying, 'Come on Dad! You can do it!' Take your father to such activities and see your energetic dad remembering his childhood days and smiling all day.