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Like food without salt is tasteless, a party without decorations is lifeless. Click here to read about party decoration ideas for Father's Day.

Father's Day Party Decorations

Father's Day is a very special day for every child and their fathers. It is on this day that we let them know how special they are to us and how thankful we are to them for the love, care and affection they showered upon us ever since we were born. This day is celebrated to honor fatherhood, because the effort, love and sacrifice that a father puts in to bring up his kids are beyond measure. One of the best ways to express your feelings to your dad is to throw a party. And on such a special day, decorations should be special too; it should be done according to the father's choice. If your father is not a party freak, then you can normally decorate the venue. These days, decorations are usually done according to the theme of the party; for example, if the theme is Hawaiian, then decoration should be done with flowers, and guests should be asked to wear floral pattern dresses.

Party Decoration Ideas For Father's Day
  • As the party is being thrown for your father, so it is mandatory to keep his choice in mind. Chose his favorite color for decoration and also keep in mind his likes and dislikes.
  • Change the curtains, cushion covers, bed linens, and table mats according to the taste of your dad and the theme.
  • To decorate the party hall, choose some good photographs of you and your dad, and try and make good posters or collages out of it. This reflects the bond shared between both of you.
  • You can also put some photographs of your dad and your grand father and you too in it.
  • Decorate the hall with good banners with touching messages in it like, "Love You Dad"; "When God Made Fathers, He Gave the Best One to Me" and many more. You can even include funny, but respectful, messages.
  • You can use wall hangings which depicts the theme of the party.
  • There are many things with which you can decorate your party hall, like flowers, centerpieces, candles, ribbons, masks, stars, moons, etc.
  • You can put up a projector and play a video which has some good photographs and videos of you and your dad.
These decorations would add a sparkle to the party and give a meaning and purpose to it.