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If you are thinking of writing a card or a speech for this Father's Day then you will need a handful of the following father's Day quotes to give you a head start.

Father's Day Quotes

Family's values are the only things which bind a family. Father and mother are two pillars which support the entire family. Mothers take care of the matters which are within the house while fathers take care of the outer world, maintaining a balance between both the worlds. It is the responsibility of parents to make their children conscientious citizens and all parents try their best to fulfill this responsibility. They inscribe in their children, moral and ethical values which come handy in life while taking tough decisions. The parenting skills of parents are put to test when the children become teenagers and the punch of hormonal changes make them adamant and short tempered. But dodging all the tantrums, the parents never fail to do their duty; they are always available for their child. Every time you are in distress, you always remember your parents and, if available, seek their advice.

Out of the two parents, father is the one who seems to have problems expressing his love for his kids. But this doesn't, in any way, demean the love or the role of a father in a kid's life. It's just difficult for him to express his feelings. He is the one who earns bread and butter for the family and he is the hero of his kids. And, the kids get one dedicated day every year to show their gratitude towards him. It may be difficult for you too to express your feelings to your dad but, if you have the right words, it becomes quite easy to share your feelings. That's why we are providing you with quotations that can be used for Father's day cards, greetings, letters and even speeches. Use these and make an impact.

Top Father's Day Quotes
Showing love to your father never needs big words or speeches. If you really love your father, you won't even need words to express that feeling; he will understand without you uttering a single word. But, on the occasion of Father's Day every father expects something

Funny Father's Day Quotes
Father's are special and they deserve equal mention as that of mothers. This is why we have a dedicated Father's Day every year, much like the Mother's Day. The sentiment is the same, the celebration is same and even the concept isn't very different. However, there is one aspect,

Father's Day Quotes From Son
Fathers are essential in life of each and every individual. They are not only the biological necessity for the existence of an individual, but also indispensable for a healthy emotional and moral development. They are the ones who stand there as supporting figures whenever you feel weak.

Father's Day Quotes From Daughter
Fathers and daughters share a different kind of bond; daughters always are their fathers' little angels no matter how old they are. Father's Day is a propitious occasion to strengthen this bond even further. Perhaps, this is the only time of the year when you take out time to tell your dad