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Most of us would agree that father's are fond of eating good food. Here are some easy recipes for Father's Day.

Father's Day Recipe

Father's Day is the day to honor fatherhood. On this day you cherish the time spent with your fathers. It was started by Sonora Smart Dodd and was first celebrated on 19th June, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed the 3rd Sunday of June as Father's Day. Father's Day, just like any other festival, is celebrated with great pomp and show and is accompanied by good food. Since it's a Father's day celebration, everything must be of your father's choice specially food. Even if you are not willing to throw a party, you can always make some easy and mouth watering dishes for your dad.

Easy Recipes For Father's Day

There are endless recipes for father's day. But keep one thing in mind that you make those dishes which are relished by your father. The term recipes is very broad and it covers recipes of all kind. Whether a simple beverage, burger, sandwiches, hotdog, chicken or even an elaborate dessert.

Below are some of the recipes for father's day:
  • Father's Day Appetizer: baked potato skin, beer dip, grilled Artichoke-Mushroom pizza and baked sweet onion rings.
  • Father's Day Salad Recipes: cherry tomato corn salad, grilled steak salad, pretty peppers salad and spinach tortellini salad.
  • Father's Day Side Dishes: ranch potato cubes, Dijon green beans, beer 'n' brat biscuits and Dads baked beans.
  • Father's Day Grilling Recipes: Asian style baby back ribs, cordon bleu pork chops, Caribbean jerk chicken and chicken kebabs.
  • Father's Day Dinners: Dad's best pork chops, maple and blue cheese steak, tangy chicken sandwiches and lazy man's ribs.
  • Father's Day Desserts: summer celebration ice cream cake, creamy peanut butter pie, cherry cola chocolate cake and Edna's ho ho cake.
Try some recipes in the sections that follow and treat your dad to easy yet scrumptious homemade delights.

Father's Day Dessert Recipe
Father's Day is a big day for every individual. It is the right time to express our feelings to our fathers. You can express your gratitude and concern by various means to them. Good food is one of the ways by which you can show your love and affection to your father's.

Father's Day Dinner Recipes
All well that ends well! And end well it will! All you need to do is top all your Father's Day efforts with that last cherry on the cake - dinner. Not convinced? You started the day with wishing your dad and even followed the wishes with gifts and/or cards and even surprises.

Father's Day Lunch Recipes
We keep doing things which are liked by our mothers. We let her know her importance in our life in some way or the other. But it takes ages to us to come forward and express our gratitude to our Father, whom we love equally. But still something does not let us show our love and concern.

Father's Day Breakfast Recipes
Father's Day is celebrated to honor our fathers, grandfathers or even great grandfathers. We can honor them by various things which make them feel special and good. You can throw a big party for them or take them out for a movie. Take them out for shopping and even to their favorite bar.