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Why wait for your young ones to plan a Father's Day bash for you? Gear up, explore your options on things to do on Father's Day and prepare yourself for maximum fun.

Things To Do On Father's Day

The noted American writer Richard David Bach had once famously said, "The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life." Talking of families and family bonding, how can one forget the head of the family - the father. Fathers are perhaps the most hard working and selfless people in the world. They toil hard to make both ends meet and do everything possible to make their family happy. This is perhaps the most important reason why everyone should celebrate Father's Day to commemorate his relentless service and commitment to his family. This is the only day of the year when you can tell your father how much you love him and how important he is in your life. However, if you have become a dad yourself and you have your own set of responsibilities now, then at times you need to plan this special day with your own kids in your own way. For those tricky times, here are a few ideas.

Father's Day Activities
  • Play your favorite tune to your child if you know how to play a musical instrument. Never mind if you don't, you can play your favorite music on your music system. Share why you like the particular song, when you first heard it and other stuff related to it.
  • Treat your little one with a magic trick you learnt when you were young or any other trick, which you know. Share your secret move that you used on girls, that is if he is old enough to learn such stuff, anything that might attract his attention.
  • Plant a tree or a sapling with your child as you can always see it grow along your child; you can even make it a tradition to plant a tree every Father's Day. This way you will also teach him the value of respecting the Mother Nature.
  • Play the dress up game, allow your kids to dress you up on this particular day and if you have a baby, dress her up as yourself and take a snap of it.
  • It is your day, so you can have the whole day for yourself. Sit back and relax, while away your time doing "nothing". Or you can also indulge yourself in any activity you really enjoy.
  • If there is a place in the town or your state, which you haven't visited yet but wanted to, then use this day to visit the place along with your family. You will find it more enjoyable when you are with your close ones.
  • Try to You tube your favorite show you used to see when you were as young. Show it to your children, sit back, and relive those bygone moments with your kids.
  • Connect to your dad on this day, try visiting him if you can and if you can't, then try calling him. If your father is deceased, then visit his grave or the place he used to take you when you were a kid.