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Fatherhood falls on third Sunday of every June. Explore this write-up to learn how to celebrate Father's Day and make the day most memorable for your dads.

Father's Day Celebration

The decision to father a child is a life-altering one. On one hand, raising a child means cutting down on your favorite activities and pastimes in order to dedicate all the extra time to a child. It also means sacrificing the free will to be spontaneous whenever the mood strikes. But having said that, a man, quite willingly, gives away his time and freedom to father a child, not just to expand his lineage, but also due to his primal urge to be a father. Considering all of this, dedicating one day in a year to show your appreciation to your father is the least any child can do. While gifts and cards are certainly one great way to show you care on Father's Day, there is nothing quite thoughtful and touching like going an extra mile and celebrating the day with a little fanfare. Below mentioned are a slew of celebration ideas that will just help you make the day extra-special for your dad.

Father's Day Celebration Ideas
  • The most heartfelt gift calls for a little extra effort and preparation. Never mind if your wallet is light, you can always impress your dad with a personalized t-shirt scribbled with cute and loving messages, of course, dedicated to the man himself.  Just go for it and see your dad beam in delight.
  • This Father's Day, get crafty and make your dad a cool little collage. Collect some memorable pictures of you and your dad together and make a collage/ photo album (as per convenience and choice). A surefire way to wow him!
  • You can also surprise your dad by pampering him and waking him up to a lavish breakfast in bed. It will be better if you try not to take assistance from your mom. Do not experiment; just prepare what he likes most.
  • If you want to celebrate the day with full emotions, write poetry exclusively for your dad. He will be glad to hear it in your voice and better to be honest so that he can relate to it easily.
  • Spending time together is another best way to celebrate. Choose the best picnic spot and arrange for a day outing. Everyone will feel good and specially your dad will never forget the celebration in nature's lap.
  • This Father's Day make bouquet of Dad's favorite flowers. He would be so happy to have them since they show how much you care for him.
  • You can also take him out for diner at his chosen place. Let him order and hog like a king. You will really enjoy and feel blessed.