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Confused about which flowers to gift your dad on this Father's Day? Explore the write-up to know about Father's Day flowers.

Flowers For Father's Day

One can never be too old to go and hug one's dad and tell him how special he is. And effervescent blooms and beautiful garden gifts are a surefire way to express your heartfelt feelings and say "Happy Father's Day" to your dearest dad. Father's day is the one day in the calendar to spoil your dad silly and lavish him with gifts, cards, treats and everything else he could ask for. Make this father's day special by filling his life with color and fragrance. Rest assured, he would appreciate your efforts from the bottom of his heart. Doing special things like crafting customized gifts and taking him out for expensive treats are fine. However, if you wish to make his special day extra-special, then gifting him his favorite bouquet of flowers would be like an icing on the cake. Whether you are throwing a celebratory brunch or dressing up the home with dad's favorite blooms, these flower options are sure to bring a smile to his face this Father's Day.

Father's Day Flowers
Flowers convey feelings and emotions better than words. Many a times, unsaid words and unseen feelings can be beautifully expressed with flowers. The king of flowers, rose is considered as the official flower for Father's Day. The founder of Father's Day, Sonora Louis Smart Dodd, identified rose as the official flower for this special day. To honor great father and his fatherhood, red and white roses are used. Red color rose is the indication of a living father while white colored rose pays homage to deceased father.

There is a trend of gifting flowers or bouquet to fathers. Lily is also gifted along with rose. Flowers are dearer to men, especially to dad as it implies an association with nature and mankind. Gift your Dad the flowers, which help you convey your message (Do not gift flowers for the sake of gift.). Fathers like flowers that exhibit masculinity, represent firmness and boldness of statement and are usually tall and sturdy. You may gift him a bunch of tropical flowers including Blue Alpine Daisy, Begonia-Non-Stop Red, Annual Delphinium, Alpine Aster, African Moon, Chrysanthemums and African Tulip along with Roses. Make sure that the arrangement of flowers is linear, as it represents uniformity and stability and are liked by men.

Not all roses are liked by men. Being strong and stubborn, they prefer bright, hot and aggressive colors like yellow, oranges, purple and red. On this Father's Day, use combinations of different colored lilies and roses to make a memorable gift for your dear Dad. You can also order the same to florists in your locality or order a customized bouquet online.