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Looking for pocket-friendly good gifts for dad? Read on to find some ideas on cheap (read inexpensive) Father's Day gifts and make your pick1

Cheap Father's Day Gifts

Sometimes, when the occasion calls for thoughtful gifts to be given, the thoughts are often suppressed by the price tag. Father's Day is one such occasion which demands that your father receives nothing less than a gift that is thoughtful and, at the same time, practical. Don't be influenced by the price tag for the corporates will have you convinced that expensive is the new best. That is so not the case! It's the thought that count and the price needn't necessarily dictate terms for you. If on coming Father's Day, you're looking to gift your dad with a wonderful item of your choice and his liking, then there are a lot of inexpensive items to choose from. Some cheap father's day gifts ideas have been provided below for your benefit.

Inexpensive Father's Day Gift

Golfing Items
If your dad loves golf, there are a bunch of golfing items like Golf organizer storage cases, gold swing video recorder, golf balls etc. that you can pick from. They are not too expensive and make for wonderful inexpensive father's day gifts.

They aren't always expensive; frugal ones are also available in the market. These include MP3 players, headphones, speakers, and the likes. DVD players can also mak for nice gift for the not-so-tech-savvy dads. Add DVD(s) of his favorite flick(s) together to make the day for him.

Handy Equipments
Men always have a thing for fancy equipment. If you're a son, you would understand but if you're a daughter, just go with it. Inexpensive gifts like Bear Grylls' (of "Man Vs Wild" fame) survival series gear, Swiss Knife, Led light, etc.

Whether for regular office going purpose or for special occasions, a nice looking tie will always come in handy, i.e. if your father doesn't despise wearing one. A lot of different brands of ties are available in the market and on online stores. It will not be expensive and will be utilized well.

Apparels & Accessories
If you aren't already sure of with what to surprise your dad with, it's recommended that you check out his wardrobe first. Look for anything that is worn out to death and, accordingly, make a purchase. Multiple brands are available in the market and online shopping portals also offer great deals. Your options include shirts, trousers, belts, cuff-links etc.

There would definitely be other options also that you can explore this Father's Day. The above list just gives you a basic head start in the direction.