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Now, for those humorous fathers, we bring you a set of funny Father's Day songs that can be sung by kids for their fathers' entertainment.

Funny Father's Day Songs

Fathers are perhaps the noblest creatures in the world owing to the selfless life they live. Apart from bringing home the bread and butter for the family, there are numerous other roles that they have in their family. There is so much a father does and it's such a shame that there is only one day of the year which is dedicated to him. Perhaps there isn't enough time for you to tell your father how much you love him and how difficult it is for you to learn and do things if he isn't around. Tell him what you feel but this time, instead of making it a tear-jerker, make it fun with the following hilarious Father's Day songs

Funny Father's Day Songs

Song #1
There are some pretty great dads in this world
and one of them is mine
I know no Dad is perfect
but he's pretty darn close a lot of the time

He let's me pop the popcorn when we watch a vid
I'm glad he's my dad. And I'm glad I'm his kid
My Dad. I really love him. My Dad. Sometimes I bug him.
My Dad. It's nice to hug him
When I'm sad. My Dad.

Everybody tells me that he's a heck of a guy.
Sure sometimes he's a little bit grumpy. Sure sometimes I'm the reason why
When we play hide and seek. Somehow he always knows where I hid.
I'm glad he's my dad. And I'm glad I'm his kid.

My dad is pretty busy. But I know I mean the world to him.
Even though he says no every time I offer to give him a trim.
He's such a great dad I know he'll forgive me for that last little oops I did
I'm glad he's my dad. And I'm glad I'm his kid.
- By Bryant Oden

Song #2
Ha ha
This is dad life
It's how we live
24/7, 365
Check me

Gas station glasses
Don't care what the masses
Think about me wit my sweet goatee
I'm rockin' my Dockers
With a cuff and a crease
I got that St. John's Bay
And a clip for my piece

I look nice
I got dozens of dollars
And that's right
It goes straight to my daughters and my wife
I'm a miracle dad
Makin' magic with the checkbook is a talent I have

I roll hard in the yard
With a 60-inch cut
Zero turn radius
My neighbors say what?
They be drivin' by
Peepin' my landscape
Yo, these greens got nothin' on my manscape

Hydrangeas (what), Begonias (naw)
Crape Myrtle (tight), ornamental turtle!
Hold up
Is that a weed in my fescue?
Aw naw, Round Up to the rescue
It's the dad life, it's the dad life
Take my daughty to the potty, it's the dad life
(bringin' home the bacon)

It's the dad life, it's the dad life
Shootin' vids of the kids, it's the dad life
Roll up to the splash pad, 10 AM
My whole entourage
Hops out the minivan
We splishy splashy for an hour or two
Then it's back to the house
Preppin' for the barbeque

Brats, dogs, rack of ribs, whateva (tight)
Get me on the Weber
Man, nobody does it betta
Call me lord of the grill
I'm king of the coals
Nana's secret recipe, you know how I roll

I'm rockin' man cave status
With a screen like mine
Keep your peanut butter hands
Off my 50-inch Vizio
Pop up the corn, roll the Disney video

{ "A whole new world..." }
We got Aladdin, Jasmine
Abu, the genie (hey)
With kids like mine, everybody wants to be me
Sing a nigh-night song and then it's off to bed
This is the dad life, no more to be said

It's the dad life, it's the dad life
Hit the mall, coaching ball, it's the dad life
(bringin' home the bacon)
It's the dad life, it's the dad life
Playing rough, fixing stuff, it's the dad life
(bringin' home the bacon)
It's the dad life, it's the dad life
Yeah, you know how we do it
It's the dad life
- By John Mitchell

Above mentioned are just two examples of funny songs that can be sung or played on Father's Day. Look for more and have a fun-filled Father's Day this year.