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If you want to show your dad your witty side then you can always go for some Funny Father's Day card and add a humourous touch to this very sweet day of the year.

Funny Father's Day Cards

We know that Father's Day is around the corner and you are planning to surprise your father on this special day. Why not add fun to those moments and make them most memorable? If you have a chilled out attitude towards life and your father appreciates that very well, then this is the best time to take advantage of it. If you feel that your father's day card looks balmier, lacking the punch and impact you wanted to add to it, then we are with you to spice it up! We have chosen for you, a number of Funny Father's Day cards for you to use in your card. Don't be dubious, these cards are quite simple and contain the right amount of punch to bring that smile on your dad's face. Healthy jokes are appreciated but don't dare experiment if your father doesn't appreciate jokes.

Humorous Father's Day Cards

The best dad in the world,
You have made me everything I am
And lets face it I am totally fantastic.

Happy Father's Day
Thank you for guiding me, teaching me and loving me.
And most of all, thank you for not throwing me out on
My ass when I was 15, like I deserved.

Message #3
The dad creed:
I can parallel park better than anyone.
I attempt to repair all broken items in and around the house before hiring a professional.
I never get lost.
I am a barbeque genius.

Message #4
Father's Day Tip:
If you want a quiet, relaxing, thoroughly enjoyable Father's Day that leaves you basking in the warm glow of joy and contentment, then just sit back. Close your eyes...and doze off!

Message #5
A poem for Dad
You've lost your youth,
You've lost your hair.
Your money has gone to,
God knows where
You've lost a lot
That's clear to see.
But, cheer up dad,
You've still got me.

Message #5
Dad - Embarrassing my children is one of the many services I offer.

Message #6
Guns don't kill people; dads with pretty daughters kill people.

Message #7
You didn't tell me how to live; you lived, and let me watch you do it.

Message #8
Dad I'll be indebted to you for all the words of wisdom you've passed onto me over the years, like...outsourcing the parachute packing to the folks from the funny farm, should be avoided.

Funny father's day cards help you spill laughter, making this day a special one. Have a nice time with your Dad!