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No expensive gift can beat handmade cards in conveying the true feelings of your heart. Read out the article to explore more about handmade cards for Father's Day.

Handmade Father's Day Cards

Father's Day is the day to express the love and care you have for your loving dad, which you may have hidden in your heart till now. Maybe it's his advices that made you strong as a rock and deep as an ocean or maybe it's his appreciation that keeps you going. Now, it's your turn to tell him how much you love, care and respect him and that you are thankful to him for everything he has done for you. Gifts are a good way of doing that but getting expensive gifts is not the only option. Try to make this father's day special with a handmade card; your effort and emotions will really make his day. Read on for splendid ideas.

Handmade Cards For Father's Day

Formal Greetings
  • For a formal card, you need glue, scissors and decorative scrapbook paper.
  • Take a '4x12' inch rectangular scrapbook paper. Fold it into half, i.e. '4x6' inches, just like a greeting card.
  • Now, cut two horizontal slits of 1 length, about 1 inch below the fold and use them to make collar.
  • Take another colored scrapbook paper and make a 5 inches long tie out of it. Paste it beneath collar made of first scrap paper.
  • Take two buttons and glue them over corners of color.Your card is ready once the glue is dried.
  • Open it carefully and write your feelings with sparkles or crayons inside it.
Thumb Bunny Card
  • You can make an adorable and memorable card for your dad by using your thumb print also.
  • For this, you need a paint brush, white acrylic paint, paper plate, colored card paper and black and pink markers.
  • Take the colored card paper and spread a thin layer of paint, with a paint brush, on it to make area for writing.
  • Dip your thumb in acrylic white paint and give an impression on the centre of card. This will depict face of Bunny.
  • Now dip your thumb in paint again but give impression of half of it to make ears.
  • As the paint dries, use markers to make whiskers, eyes and nose.
  • On the front of the card, use black marker to write your one liner message and the card is ready.
Photo House Card
  • Make a photo house card to tell your dad that he is dear to the whole family.
  • To make this card you need heavyweight white paper, craft knife, markers or crayons, scissors and photographs.
  • Fold the heavyweight white paper into half and draw a house with as many windows as the number of family members.
  • Decorate the house with crayons or colors.
  • Paste the photographs of each of the family members on each window after opening windows with scissors.
  • Write your beautiful message for your family and the card is ready.
Chore Cards
  • Present your father a simple card with colorful flowers showing warmth, affection and love in family.
  • To make this card you need 8½ x 11 inches sheet of heavyweight paper (preferably white), card stock or stock of colorful construction paper and glue.
  • To start with, join shorter ends by folding the heavyweight paper sheet.
  • Pick different colored construction paper (or card paper) and use them to make flower pot shape with scissors.
  • Paste these cuttings on the thick heavyweight paper leaving upper portion open. Also cut small flowers of different colors preferably of same shape and thick green stems.
  • Now, glue the flowers on top of the stems and write different chores on it like "wash the car" etc.
  • Keep the flowers in pot shape of card and write inside "Each flower has a different work for you let's see how well you do them!"
  • The card is ready to present.
Nothing can be as sweet a gift as a handmade card because it is simple and shows the efforts that the kid has put in for his Father's benefit. The crafts mentioned above are easy to make and hope your efforts find direction with these.