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No party is complete without party favors so if you are planning a Father's Day party then the following ideas on party favors could make it all the more memorable.

Father's Day Party Favor

These days it has become a ritual to see off your party guests with some party favors or goodies. Favor is a gift bestowed as a token of goodwill, kind regard, love etc. It acts as a party souvenir, which helps your guests cherish their party moments. The concept is similar to the concept of return gifts that we have so often seen in kids' birthday parties. If you are planning a party for Father's Day, don't forget to give party favors to your guests. It is just a token thank you to the guests for attending your party and making it fun. Read on for ideas.

Party Favor Ideas For Father's Day
  • Flower or a bunch of flowers is one of the common favors you can give to anyone in the party.
  • If you have invited guests of all ages then you can give them some toys, mini toys, soft toys etc.
  • Keychain is one of the most useful favors. You can give them to anyone, be it men or women.
  • Any kind of candles, scented candles, floating candles are liked by ladies.
  • You can even choose an assortment of candies, and wrap them nicely in colorful sheets.
  • Cookies and chocolates are usually relished by people; you can also give it as favor.
  • For male guests and school going children, you can buy pen sets as it is useful for both.
  • Table clock can be gifted to any guest.
  • You can also give flower vases and other show pieces as favor in the party.
  • Women are very fond of adorning themselves with jewelry. You can also give artificial jewelry set to females.
  • Writing pad is a useful item which can be used by any gender.
  • Stuffed toys can be the best gift to bring a smile on any tiny toddler's face.
Above mentioned were some basic ideas for favors. Other idea is to go by the tastes of your guests and give them individual favors like, cigars for smokers and knitting needles for the knitting enthusiasts. This system, of course, is manageable only in small parties where you know everybody well.