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Parties are fun when they are theme-based. Take a look at the following Father's Day party themes and have a fun-filled celebration.

Father's Day Party Themes

To celebrate father's day, every kid tries his best to please his father in some way or the other as father's day is the right time to shower your love and affection to your dad. Father's Day parties have always been interesting and are liked by almost everyone. It is a small gesture which kids make to tell their father how special he is. Kids do a lot of hard work in such parties as they are the hosts and the organizers. These days' parties are conducted with themes; which adds flavor to the party. These themes are very funny and cherished by guests. Take a look at some ideas given below.

Party Themes For Father's Day
  • Angels & Demons
    This theme means that the guests will either be dressed as fairies, angels, nuns and cherubs or as demons, fallen angels, zombies and vampires. Music played in the party reflects the theme and decoration should also be same. You can divide the venue into two kingdoms viz., one as Heaven and other as Hell. In heaven, you can use wreaths, flowers, angels to decorate and in hell, you can use skeletons, cobwebs, broken mirror etc.
  • Hollywood Party Theme
    In this theme, guests are dressed similar to the famous celebrities of Hollywood. Decoration of the venue is also lavish with lots of food, wine and of course, airs. You can play some good games which have already been played in some famous movies.
  • Hawaiian Party
    This is one of the most interesting themes as one need not think much for his or her attire. You can wear any floral print material dress and ornaments made of flowers and decoration should also be done with flowers. Play loud Hawaiian music to bring thrill in the party.
  • Men In Black—Ladies In Red
    If you have decided to keep this theme then make sure that ambience is really effective. One should get the feel when he or she enters the venue. In this party theme, men are requested to wear black dress be it trousers, jackets, coats, etc and women must wear red dresses, be it sari or any other outfit.
  • Western Party
    For arranging a western party theme, you design your invitation card in that way only. Ask your male guests to dress up as cowboys and female guests to dress up as saloon girls. Make sure that you send your invitations on time that they can arrange their respective attires.
  • Bollywood Party
    This type of theme is enjoyed by every guest as it is flashy, loud and soent require too much work with respect to attire. Guests are requested to dress up like famous characters of bollywood or the Hindi Film industry, like Shahenshah, Don, Jadoo, Chandra mukhi, Auro etc. For decoration, you can put some posters of famous films and decorate your invitation card in bollywood style.
  • Victorian Theme Party
    If you want to keep this theme then make sure that your venue is spacious. Decorate your venue to look like a ball room. Ambience of the venue should be excellent enough to bring the feel in your guests' heart. Decorate the walls with flowers, cupids, cherubs, hearts and elaborate laces. Ask your guests to dress up like Victorian lords and ladies.
Above mentioned themes will surely perk up the Father's Day celebrations this year and will be the talk of the town for months to come. Just make sure that the arrangements are well thought out and executed.